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It’s hard to find people who can integrate technologies and solve complex problems in simple ways. Do you have a team with smart engineers who love to share their ideas? Let’s talk!

If you need someone who likes to learn and keep up to date with the new tech, as well as be able to take on the more established tools that other developers get bored with, challenge me! Currently I’m trying out Vue, Babel and React.

My name is Christian Maioli Mackeprang. I’m a web developer from Argentina.

With a passion for good software design and best practices, I write about what I’ve learned in over 15 years of programming experience in JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, C/C++ and more.

Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Todo Noticias:

This is the largest news channel and news website in Argentina and one of the largest in South America. The site serves millions of visitors every day.

Technologies: PHP, Drupal, Pressflow

Winkal is your daily source of entertainment, where you can find the best images to laugh and share them with your friends. This is an image-sharing website.

Technologies: PHP/JS/Java, Symfony, Spring, Angular

Hoopla: Game for Good

On, players can donate Hoops (the points they earn playing games) to Hoopla’s partner charities. Hoopla then turn’s those virtual donations into cash contributions to support projects that are changing lives around the world. The site has more than 50 games, and a variety of daily, weekly and monthly sweepstakes prizes.

Technologies: PHP/JS, CodeIgniter, API

Emmys For Your Consideration

The Academy wanted to create a password protected website where members could upload their Emmy-entered programs for the consideration of Emmy voters. This website is not accessible to the general public.

Technologies: PHP/JS, Drupal, Brightcove video API